Indulge your senses


Plato is the perfect union between a visual and a gourmet experience. With our luxury platters, styled boxes and lavish grazing tables, Plato turns any occasion into a ultimate sensorial experience. Indulge in our gourmet creations offering premium fresh produce, artisan cheeses, charcuteries and delightful nibbles. 


"To me, eating is not just to feed the body but also the soul, it's creating decadent memories, it's pampering, a means to sate your wanderlust." 

-Katherine G. Moya, Founder and Head Food Stylist 


We are proud to support our local farmers and businesses therefore we aim to source locally as much as possible. With Plato, you will savour your region’s local flavours, a reflection of its rich terroir and the know-how of its artisans.